What’s Your Money Mindset?

money mindset

Take this quiz to understand your money mindset. Once you are done you will get a
short report that tells you:

  1. How you invest
  2. How you spend
  3. What type of saver you are
  4. An overall description of your mindset type so you can get out of your own way

Once you understand your relationship with your money you can start to make simple
permanent changes.

While you may have some traits of more than one mindset, you will predominantly fall
into one of the 7 categories.

Retirement Shift Worksheet

Are you ready to retire?

Have you ever thought about what will change financially when you no longer have to go to work everyday?

Preparing for retirement is one of the biggest, ongoing financial decisions of our lives.

Young adults are encouraged to start thinking about retirement even before they have their first full-time job.

As you get older, financial decisions and conversations revolve around pensions, guaranteed investments, forever homes, RRSPs and the consistent question – how much money do I need?

Retirement planning is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. The dollar amount needed will be driven by your lifestyle choices.

Download this free work sheet to help you get a sense of what your money will do for you in retirement.