Keys to investing:

  • More growth after inflation is the key to building wealth

  • The biggest risk is not to invest at all

  • Diversification decreases the risk (not all in one basket)

  • Start as early as possible

Important factors to consider when investing:

  • Your dreams, desires and needs.

  • How much risk you feel comfortable with

  • Your thoughts about debt.

  • Age

-A.P. Gouthe

Before we set up an investment plan, we talk about all of these things and then decide on a plan you are comfortable with.

To give you an idea of the type of investments available, and how time frames and level of risk affect the rate of return, we are going to explain it by using the following examples.


These investments are like short trips and can take a long time to reach your destination

Timeframe: 0 to 5 years


  • Your full investment is guaranteed, meaning whatever money you put into it you get it all back plus interest


  • Any interest earned is 100% taxable (unless put into a Tax Free Savings Account)
    The risk is lower but your money may not grow to the level to meet your requirements

Types of Investments Include:

  • money market fund
  • guaranteed investment certificate
  • savings account
  • Canada savings bond
  • term deposit

Best suited for: TFSA

Average rates of return: 1.5%

RRSP’s are a great tool to shelter money from taxes that are earned on investments

There are also ways to take money out of RRSP’s tax free. Financial planners know these methods and can help you save money and increase your financial wealth by utilizing these techniques.

Not sure how you feel about investing?

There are many emotions involved in investment planning. We are here to explain the best options for you and when is the best time to invest money and when is the best time to take it out.